A powerful productivity dashboard that integrates with Google Workspace. Simplify tasks, workflows, customer data, and more with data entry forms and easy-to-use boards. From to-do lists to sales pipelines and project management flows, Formatic has you covered.

Say goodbye to scattered data and disorganized tasks – upgrade to Formatic today and experience effortless productivity

Agile Features that Amplify Your Productivity

Cross off more on your to-do list

With boards for different teams, lists to stay on top of progress, and cards that carry key tasks and assignments, Formatic allows you to manage 360° of the process on one platform.

Simplify your path to productivity

Formatic brings your workflows into focus as the one-stop productivity platform for to-do lists, project management, customer tracking, and integrations with your Google Workspace.

Do more with your Google Forms data

Formatic automatically extracts and organizes data from Google Forms, empowering you to visualize the information, add notes, quickly search responses, and more.

Create custom boards to tackle any project

Starting a new project? With Formatic, you can create a custom board in no time! Getting started is as easy as adding custom fields such as text areas, check boxes, and dates for simplified data entry

Get the most out of Google Tasks

By integrating with Google Tasks, Formatic provides a full-screen view of your lists, facilitates team-wide sharing, and automatically synchronizes with your Google Workspace.

Redefine what’s possible in Google Sheets

With Formatic, you can access data in a tidy, centralized location. Whether you’re including a due date or adding a new entry to your list of leads, Formatic stays in sync with Google Sheets.

Why Formatic?

As you juggle data, struggle to keep your team up-to-date, and lose track of customer information, have you wondered if there’s an easier way?

Formatic goes beyond the limitations of basic forms, spreadsheets, and apps, simplifying your workflows while allowing you to do more with your data. Create a custom board from scratch or synchronize with your Google Workspace to get started.

Formatic in Action

  • Working on a complex, cross-departmental project? Formatic streamlines the project management process by putting all of your tasks into neatly-organized cards.
  • Looking for an easier way to manage your to-do list? With Formatic’s lists, you can track the status of individual assignments without skipping a beat.
  • Want to streamline the customer journey? From consolidating customer data to making sense of surveys, Formatic has you covered.

Formatic is the one-stop-shop for every industry and use case.

Ready to Accelerate Your Productivity?

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