Formatic is a visual tool that that makes it easy for you to manage projects, workflows or task tracking
With built in Google Forms and Sheets integration, Just sign up, create a board, and you are ready to go

Top Features for Effective Data Filtering and Task Management

Formatic Flow Board for Tracking Your Clients Journey

Never forget about your customers again! Create multiple Kanban boards, subsections, and reminders to keep track of clients at each stage of the journey. Prefer all of this information to be converted to a PDF format? We’ve got you covered!

Quickly Search, Sort, Filter, and Observe Trends with Formatic Database

Want to track down a particular customer who previously completed one of your Google Forms or colour code your data for better visualisation and insights?

Send and Receive SMS or Emails with Formatic Communication

Set your availability and simply send your clients a link to arrange a video meeting. No extra software or hardware is required! COMMING SOON

Need to Set Up a Video Call? We’ve got it!

Set your availability and simply send your clients a link to arrange a video meeting. No extra software or hardware is required! COMING SOON

Daily Tasks, Updates, and Incoming Forms — All on Formatic Dashboard

Want to have a comprehensive view of all daily tasks, to-do lists, and notifications of incoming forms? Formatic Dashboard allows you to keep track of completed forms, as well as appointments and consultations scheduled.

Formatic Custom Tables for Quick Data Sorting

Enjoy all the capabilities of the Formatic Database while creating your own custom columns for enhanced data sorting and filtering.

Why do I need Formatic?

Google Forms is a simple tool for collecting information in business or education settings, whether that's customers’ feedback on your product or event, job applications, contact information, an order form, or a student survey.

But regardless of how you use Google Forms, do you ever find yourself a little irritated with the result – an extensive data set, but with limited functionality, no ability to filter, set reminders, colour code, and track trends over time?

Suppose you used Google Forms and learned that one of the customers was dissatisfied with the seminar you organised. You immediately want to set a reminder to contact him later on so you can rectify the problem.

However, you quickly realise that Google Forms doesn’t allow you to do so, as it merely collects statistical data synced with a basic spreadsheet. And that is simply not enough!

Or, you’re an educator running fun quizzes and tests with your students, but you don’t have the means to keep and track all of their marks and scores in one place.

What if we said that we have an efficient task manager that saves you from tapping into alternative software for your data storage, filtering, and other user needs?

Let us take care of these issues while you concentrate on building your brand!

What is Formatic?

Formatic is a CRM solution for form, task and lead management, which can be either installed as an add-on for Google Forms and Sheets or used as stand-alone software. It takes only minutes to master, but it gives you the ability to effectively manage your customer experience, making it an excellent solution for solo entrepreneurs, small businesses, or educators.

How to Get Started with Formatic?

To begin enjoying the benefits of Formatic, you simply need to the following:

Step 1

Sign up using your email or by registering directly via your Google account.

Step 2

With just a few clicks, link Google Forms with your Google account.

Step 3

Start customising your Google Forms, integrating with Mail Chimp, Formatic’s database, and flow board.