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Why Formatic?

đź“ŚFormatic is an innovative task management tool that simplifies organizing tasks, projects, customers data and to-do lists. With a digital whiteboard concept, also known as a Kanban Board, you can create and arrange virtual sticky notes, each representing a task or piece of work. These notes can be customized with custom fields, due dates, and labels, making it easier to stay organized and productive.

đź“ťFormatic Forms is a feature that allows you to create custom forms for data collection and collaboration. By converting cards to forms, you can embed them on websites or share them via links, managing responses directly on your Formatic board.

🔄Lastly, Formatic seamlessly integrates with popular Google tools, such as Google Task Manager, enabling you to sync tasks with their calendar and collect information using forms and sheets. This user-friendly, visual solution helps streamline workflow and improve overall efficiency using advanced Workflow Software.

Agile Features that Amplify Your


Cross off more on your to-do list

With boards for different teams, lists to stay on top of progress, and cards that carry key tasks and assignments, Formatic allows you to manage 360° of the process on one platform. Making it an ultimate To Do list app

Formatic Forms: Powerful form creation and sharing

Create custom forms for data collection, collaboration, or sharing tasks. Convert cards to forms, embed them on websites, or share via links. Responses appear on your Formatic board for easy management.

Do more with your Google Forms data

Formatic automatically extracts and organizes data from Google Forms, empowering you to visualize the information, add notes, quickly search responses, and more.

Create custom boards to tackle any project

Starting a new project? With Formatic, you can create a custom board in no time! Getting started is as easy as adding custom fields such as text areas, check boxes, and dates for simplified data entry

Get the most out of Google Tasks

By integrating with Google Tasks, Formatic provides a full-screen view of your lists, and automatically synchronizes with your Google Workspace, with even more features than Tasksbaord

Redefine what’s possible in Google Sheets

Transform your static tables, vertical or horizontal, into dynamic, manageable Kanban boards. This integration not only organizes your data but also breathes life into it by enabling Formatic's robust features. Apply due dates, labels, and categorize data into different lists for efficient task and enjoy the convenience of two-way sync

Formatic in Action

  • Working on a complex, cross-departmental project? Formatic streamlines the project management process by putting all of your tasks into neatly-organized cards.
  • Looking for an easier way to manage your to-do list? With Formatic’s lists, you can track the status of individual assignments without skipping a beat.
  • Want to streamline the customer journey? From consolidating customer data to making sense of surveys, Formatic has you covered.
  • Unleash your team’s potential with Formatic, the ultimate task management tool that simplifies your work, enhances collaboration, and maximizes productivity. 

Formatic is the one-stop-shop for every industry and use case.

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