Formatic Boards

Task and Project Management Redefined

Unleash Your Productivity with Customizable Boards

Formatic Boards are more than just your typical to-do list app. Harnessing the power of Kanban boards, they provide a versatile solution for task management, making them one of the best productivity apps on the market. 

With features akin to popular productivity tools such as Jira software, Todoist app, Trello project management, and Google Task Manager, Formatic Boards offer a seamless way to manage tasks and improve workflows, irrespective of the context.

Whether you’re an individual looking to organize your life better or a business seeking to streamline its operations, our Kanban-inspired boards are adaptable to any situation, making it a tool of choice for a wide array of tasks.


Formatic Boards

Key Features

Customizable Boards

Tailor your boards to your unique needs. Arrange lists in a way that streamlines workflow and boosts team productivity.

Custom Fields

Introduce custom fields in your cards for unique task requirements.

Labels and Tags

Use labels and tags to better organize your tasks.

Due Dates and Calendar Integration

Set due dates for tasks and sync them easily with Google Calendar. 

Example Use Cases

1. Agile Software Development:

Formatic Boards shines in managing software development projects. You can create unique lists for various stages like “Backlog”, “In Progress”, “QA”, and “Done”. Each card represents a user story or task. As work progresses, simply move cards across the lists for a real-time visual representation of your project’s status. Formatic Boards make tracking project milestones and managing workloads effortless.

2. Content Planning and Management:

Are you a content creator or editor? Use Formatic Boards to plan and organize your content calendar. You can create lists for “Ideas”, “In Draft”, “In Review”, “Scheduled”, and “Published”. Each content piece, whether a blog post, video, or social media update, can be a card with its due date, author, and other important details. Move the cards through the stages as they progress.

3. Event Planning:

Planning a corporate event or a webinar? Formatic Boards can help. Create lists for every stage of your event planning process such as “To-Do”, “In Progress”, “Completed”, and “On Hold”. Create cards for each task such as “Venue selection”, “Catering”, “Guest Invitations”, and more. As each task progresses, move the card to the appropriate list. This way, you have a visual representation of your event planning process and ensure no detail is overlooked. 

4. Operations Management:

Businesses can leverage Formatic Boards for internal operations management, like tracking the supply chain process, HR hiring stages, or even customer service operations.

In a nutshell, Formatic Boards offer dynamic, visual task management that simplifies project tracking, enhances team productivity, and ensures tasks are completed on time. Experience effective task management with Formatic Boards.