Formatic Forms

Dynamic Data Collection and Collaboration Tool

Unleash the Power of Formatic Forms in Your Workflow

Welcome to Formatic Forms, a dynamic tool that redefines the way you collect data and collaborate with your team. Much like the leading task management software, Formatic forms integrate with our renowned Formatic Boards, bringing you a comprehensive, all-in-one productivity software.

Formatic Forms enable a seamless blend of data collection and collaboration, whether it’s for client feedback, internal communications, or project specifications. With our intuitive form builder, you can create custom forms from scratch or use pre-existing cards. 

Moreover, you can easily sort responses into specific lists, thanks to the integration with Formatic Boards. This makes Formatic Forms more than just another form builder – it’s a workflow revolution!

Formatic Form style
Formatic Forms

Key Features

Custom Form Builder

Design your forms to collect the data you need. Drag and drop fields into your form for text, dates, checkboxes, dropdown lists, and more.

Sharing Options

Share your custom forms via a link or embed them directly on your website for easy accessibility.

File Attachments and Exports

Attach necessary files to your forms and export data as PDF or Excel for convenience.

Example Use Cases

1. Client Feedback Collection:

Create custom forms to collect feedback from your clients. Add fields to rate services, leave comments, or make suggestions. The data you collect can directly influence your service improvement strategies.

2. Internal Team Communication:

Set up forms for internal team communication, like weekly updates, suggestion boxes, or information requests. This can streamline communication within your organization, enhancing overall productivity.

3. Project Requirement Collection:

Use Formatic Forms to collect project requirements from clients. Custom forms can make it easier for clients to provide necessary details, ensuring a smooth project kick-off.

 Formatic Forms brings dynamic, customizable data collection tools that enhance your workflows and communication. It’s more than a Form Builder – it’s a powerful productivity software that will take your data collection to the next level. Experience the power of seamless data collection with Formatic Forms!